iSquared, Inc. is indeed a renaissance firm. We’ve helped a broad spectrum of clients across multiple industries accomplish their business goals.

    Industry   Client


  Child Welfare   Community   Development   Aspira/Moss Beach Homes
  AZ Department of Juvenile Corrections
  Community Growth Solutions
  Stewards of Change
  Healthcare   Alpharma
  Black Hills Orthopedic and Spine Center
  Duke Hospital
  Investment   Citizens Bank
  Merrill Lynch
  Manufacturing   Kodak
  Pete Lien & Sons
  Rhodia Chemical Company
  Oil and Gas   Chevron
  Dominion Resources
  Qatar PetroChemical
    Services   Albertsons
  EG&G Technical Services
  Ikon Office Products
  Keystone Foods


Our focus is on our clients, and we’ve made a difference in the organizational culture and financial success of every client we’ve worked with.

Ultimately, it’s not what we say or think about ourselves, it’s what our clients say about iSquared.

About Our Training
“I would rank iSquared’s LSS training as the best training I have received since joining the civilian sector 11 years ago.”
“Let me say again that the training was the best I have ever participated in.”
“I have attended many workshops on Quality issues, but I can say without doubt that your workshop was the best I ever experienced both in terms of your individual presentation technique and the quality of the material. Your professionalism sets the benchmark by which all others should aspire.”
“The feedback exceeded expectations (which were high to start with). I think the group was engaged and the subject was presented in a stimulating and skillful way. Your enthusiasm and ability to spark debate got us several notches closer to a successful deployment. In fact, it was an exceptional day.”

About Our Instructors
“The insight, knowledge and experience you provided to the members of the class were delivered with a style and manner that encouraged the students to want to learn, absorb and retain as much as possible.”
“This session greatly exceeded my expectations for the full day session and had tremendous impact. His command of the subject, style and delivery along with ability to convert the skeptics has magnified our team’s enthusiasm and commitment to our deployment.”
"Dr. Rick is an exceptional instructor and should be retained with more time provided."
"Rick’s performance is exceptional; meeting and routinely exceeding expectations. Rick continually demonstrated a commitment to providing value added services while meeting all cost, schedule and performance goals."
“He is an especially dynamic instructor."
“Our teacher is a gifted instructor. Content knowledge and presentation skills were outstanding.”
“Rick was one of the most engaging instructors I have seen in my 23 year career. I learned a lot not only about six sigma, but also facilitation techniques I observed.”
“The instructor was one of the best. He made the material easy to digest.”

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