iSquared is more than just a mathematical reference—it stands for “Inquiry and Initiative.” These are the very methods we use to help organizations identify and resolve issues surrounding people, processes and organizational culture. Sure, we use statistical analysis in our work, but we're confident we can convey complex, statistical information in a way that anyone can grasp and apply to their projects.

Senior Consultant and head of the company, Richard D. Schleusener, PhD, brings almost thirty years of experience assisting organizations. This includes dealing with issues as diverse as manufacturing defects, streamlining accounts payable processes, reducing operating room turn-around time, and impacting children’s attitudes in a juvenile justice setting.

Rick formally studied applied statistics, taught undergraduate statistics as a graduate student, and taught statistics to faculty pursuing their PhD’s at DeVry University. His PhD focused on organizational change issues and ways to support organizations as they dealt with the anxiety that accompanies any new initiative.

Today, Rick spends a significant amount of time working with exploratory data analysis, predictive analytics and organizational change. He’s trained over 500 Lean Six Sigma Black Belts and Green Belts, over 1000 Champions, and has consulted and worked with executive teams from more than 50 corporations and organizations.